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  • Get your content seen and heard by a brand new audience

  • Opportunity to be seen, heard and covered via Mixmag and WAV through music premieres, editorial features, videos and more on

  • Access to WAV’s vast reaching distribution network of labels, media companies, events and strategic advisors

  • Opportunity to play The Lab in LA or NYC (live streamed), a major festival show, or other special events

  • Access to Mixmag’s global network of dance music experts, advisors, and talent bookers

  • Potential funding and development support to make your next music video, or create your own original content

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is WAV?


    WAV is an artist-first music and video platform, built to empower creators and inspire fans.

  • Tell me more about WAV


    WAV lets fans discover brand-new artists, live streams, original series, curated playlists, and more. If you’re an artist, WAV makes it easy for your content to be seen and heard with our dynamic platform and unique profile pages that can be shared and linked.

  • As an artist, why should I join WAV?


    WAV is a one-stop shop where you can upload your music, live stream your shows, build an audience, and interact with fans in real time. WAV is always on the lookout for top talent, and the more fans engage with your content, the more access you’ll have to WAV’s production, marketing, and label resources. Did we mention fans can support you directly through digital gifts? That too.

  • What is MAGNIFIED?


    MAGNIFIED is WAV and Mixmag's flagship series, designed to elevate the world's best new electronic music artists through unrivaled support from both Mixmag and WAV.

  • How do I become a MAGNIFIED artist?


    To become eligible for MAGNIFIED selection is easy. Just download the WAV app for free and sign up as an artist here

    Then just start uploading content – including mixes, tracks, videos and more – for the public and the Mixmag and WAV team of experts to see.

    The two artists who impress judges the most will be selected before the end of 2018 and reap the rewards very soon after that. Time to magnify your music. Find out how, here

  • Who can join WAV?


    Anyone can join WAV, no matter if you’re an artist, fan, or casual listener.

  • Do I need to be with a label?


    Nope. WAV is dedicated to supporting emerging artists. You can join as an independent artist or as a signed artist with a label, distributor, or publisher.

  • Does joining WAV keep me from distributing my content on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, or iTunes?


    Not at all. You can use WAV on a non-exclusive basis, so you are free to use other platforms for your content.

  • I’m not an artist, can I join WAV anyway?


    Absolutely. Your next favorite artist is ready and waiting to be discovered.
    >Download the app here
    Ready to rabbit-hole? You can check out curated selections from Mixmag, OWSLA, and Dirtybird, as well as provocative original series, featuring Carl Craig, Danny Daze, Wax Motif, Migos, 21 Savage, Sonny Digital, Ghostface Killah, and Skrillex.

  • Do my music videos need to be exclusive to your platform in order to get your attention?


    No. Great music, strong hustle, and engaged fans get our attention.

  • Does WAV make money off my video streams?


    The only revenue WAV makes is through in-app purchases. We split the earnings, returning 70% back to our artist partners. Other than that, we do not generate revenue via ads, etc.

  • Can I access my data?


    Yes! Your artist profile page is not only a hub for your music and video content, but it gives you access to all of your insights in one place.